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 FP4 is a modern, versatile and precise flow meter with internal data logging. Equipped with two analogue inputs (RTD, 4-20mA, voltage or resistive output transducers) and two PULS inputs (frequency measurement, pulse counting, binary signal tracking and recording), can measure flow and other values, such as temperature and humidity. In addition FP4 has two math channels and two counters assigned to each of the six available channels. All this in a device with a 4-inch touch screen.


  • 2 analog inputs, cooperation with:
    • transducers with 4-20mA (with optional power supply from device) or 0-20mA current loop output,
    • RTD sensors (Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000),
    • transducers with 0…2500 Ω resistance output,
    • transducers with –1 V…+1 V or –10 V…+10 V voltage output.
  • 2 PULS inpust:
    • frequency measurement in range 0,01 Hz … 10 kHz,
    • counting pulses,
    • tracking and recording of binary signal (shorting or disconnecting).
  • Analog output:
    • retransmission of one of the channels as a 4-20mA current loop output signal
  • Two counters available for each channel of the device.
  • 2 math channels:
    • available functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.
  • 4” Touch screen LCD.
  • Ethernet port ( Modbus TCP; web server).
  • RS485 port (Modbus RTU). 
  • Recording data to internal 2GB memory, local access to recorded data through USB port on the front panel.
  • Checksum secured files – protection against result errors.
  • Two recording frequencies toggled upon exceeding the set alarm thresholds.
  • Alarm and control system, 4 solid state relays.
  • Measurement of flow and other quantities, e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure.
  • Free programe for changing settings.
  • Dedicated software for visualisation of measurement results.
  • Good price.

 Intended use:

  • Measurement of flow and other quantities, e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure.
  • Operation in dispersed measurement systems with local readings of measurement results.
  • Grocery, steel, metallurgical, glass-making industry, warehouse and production line control.


Download technical documentaion in an electronic version.

Data Sheet (PDF 634 kB)

This product is CE marked.
Declarations of Conformity are available on request.


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  • Software for visualisation of measurement results FP4-RP - free version. 
  • Optional software for visualisation of measurement results FP4-RPplus - full version.
  • Programe for changing settings FP4 config.